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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

'Talked to her dead father', a woman cheated the city mayor in a strange way

A very interesting case has come to light in France. Here a woman named Sofia Martinez cheated the mayor of Agde city Gilles D'Etor in a strange way. She kept claiming to talk to his dead father and kept extorting money from him. Later when the case was revealed, both of them were jailed.

All kinds of things are said about ghosts all over the world. Some people believe that ghosts really exist while some people do not believe that they even exist, but just think what would happen to the common people if the mayor of a city believed in these things. One such shocking case has come to light in France. Actually, here a woman has cheated the mayor of a city in a very strange way and the interesting thing is that an allegation has been made against the mayor as well.

The mayor's name is Gilles D'Etour, while the woman who duped him is named Sofia Martinez. Actually, Gilles is the mayor of the city of Agde located on the Mediterranean coast. The whole matter is such that one day Mayor D'Etour contacted Sofia and asked her to talk to his dead father. Actually Sofia has promoted herself by saying that she can talk to dead people. Thinking this, the mayor also contacted her so that he can somehow contact his dead father.

The mayor started receiving mysterious calls

According to the BBC report, it is being claimed that when Sofia tried to talk to the mayor's dead father, her voice suddenly changed and she started speaking in the mayor's father's voice. In this way she tried to trick the mayor and also extorted a lot of money from him. It is being said that Mayor D'Ettor had been receiving mysterious calls for the last four years and on those calls, voices of the dead could be heard, which also included angels. Some of those calls were such in which he was asked to seek help from Sofia.

A woman enjoyed herself using public money

According to reports, the mayor then contacted Sofia and spent a lot of money, that too from public funds, in the name of making her talk to his dead father. He used public money to send Sofia and her family on luxurious vacations from Polynesia to Thailand. Not only this, Sofia also got her house renovated with that public money. Later when this matter came to light, not only Sofia was sent to jail for cheating the mayor but the mayor was also accused of corruption for spending taxpayers' money on her and he was also sent to jail.

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