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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Switzerland is present at this place in India, the view here is like heaven

Sikkim Tourism:
India's beautiful state Sikkim is famous for its tea gardens and snow clad hills. If you want to get rid of the scorching heat of Delhi for a few days, then you can plan to visit here.

As soon as summer holidays start, children start insisting on traveling somewhere. In such a situation, many times parents have to plan to go on a trip due to the stubbornness of their children even if they do not want to. Many times children start talking about going on a trip abroad. In such a situation, if the budget is less, you can take children on a trip to Switzerland in India. Yes, there is a place in India which is known as Switzerland because of its beauty.

This beautiful state of India is famous for its mountains and lush green tea gardens. Apart from this, you can get a glimpse of Tibet in the culture here. Here you will see Buddhist monks and lamas roaming everywhere. From the bright morning sun till the setting evening, every view here will fascinate you. Let us know which is that place in India which is also called Switzerland.

Sikkim is Switzerland of India

India's very beautiful state Sikkim is also known as Switzerland. This is a state which is famous for its beautiful, peaceful and beautiful environment. Here you will get to see high mountains covered with snow. If you want to get relief from the heat of North India for a few days, then you can come here to visit. The journey from Gangtok to Lachung will fascinate you in this season.

For how many days should the trip be planned?

You can easily take a week's leave and visit Sikkim. Apart from this, if you want to visit places like Darjeeling, Mirik, Kalimpong, then you will have to spend 12-15 days. However, considering the beauty of Sikkim, even 5 days may seem less to you.

How to reach Sikkim from Delhi?

The best way to go from Delhi to Sikkim is to go by flight. For this you will have to book a ticket from Delhi to Siliguri. Beyond this you will have to go by road only. The second way is that you first go to Siliguri by train and then reach Gangtok from here. If you go this way, you will become very tired and a lot of time will also be wasted. Especially if you are short of holidays then you should go by flight only.

Places to visit in Sikkim

1.Buddha Park​

2. Gurudongmar Lake

3. MG Road

4. Tsongmo Lake

5. Sidheshwar Dham

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