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Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Such creatures have taken over this woman's house, life has become difficult, the matter will surprise you

A woman named Ray Boxley, a resident of England, is in the news these days, because she claims that she has almost become a prisoner in her house for the last 12 years and the reason for this is honey badgers and fungus, which prevents her from sleeping at night. Give. They are forced to spend the whole night sleeping on chairs.

Small creatures like ants, flies and rats always live in the house. Even without wanting, these creatures enter the house from nowhere and then cause havoc. Especially rats make life difficult for people. Sometimes they cut the clothes kept in the cupboards and sometimes they start biting the hands and legs of a person while sleeping, but nowadays a woman is in the news, in whose house such creatures have entered, which are very dangerous. So dangerous that even dangerous animals like lions are afraid of messing with them. These creatures have made life difficult for women.

The woman's name is Ray Boxley. She is a resident of West Midlands, England. According to the Mirror report, 52-year-old Boxley says that she has been trapped in her own house for the last 12 years and that too because of the honey badgers, who have taken over her house. Boxley says that she is not able to sleep on her bed at night because of these badgers. Under compulsion, they have to spend the whole night sleeping on chairs, but they face a lot of problems in sleeping like this. Firstly, she is always afraid of falling from the chair and secondly, she is not able to breathe properly while sleeping on the chair.

Fungus has also taken over the house

Apart from the badgers, Boxley is very troubled by another thing and that is the fungus, which is spread throughout his house. Fungus has taken over the walls, ceiling, bedroom and even furniture of the house. Because of them the color of the furniture has turned black. She is not able to even keep clothes in the cupboard due to the fear of mould, because she ruins those clothes. Therefore, she is forced to keep her clothes in a carrier bag. Boxley says that because of the fungus and badgers, it has happened many times that she has had to spend the night in her car.

Hearing was not held even after complaint

According to reports, Boxley has been suffering from honey badgers since 2012. She has also complained about this in the municipality, but no action was taken there. In this case, he said that Honey Badger is one of the legally protected animals, hence they cannot be killed at any cost. In such a situation, Boxley's troubles are not ending. Although she is definitely considering renovating her house, it will require lakhs of rupees. In such a situation, she is trying to collect funds.

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