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Friday, May 31, 2024

'Someday I will have to choose, I will definitely play for India'


Rajasthan Royals batsman Riyan Parag, who made a splash with his bat in IPL 2024, has been in constant discussion for the last few days. Just a few days ago, Parag's YouTube history went viral due to which he was trolled a lot. Now Parag has given such a statement due to which he has come into the limelight again. 

Playing as a mature batsman in IPL 2024, Parag scored 573 runs in 15 matches and also scored 4 half-centuries. Parag believes that he  will definitely play for the Indian team one day  . Talking to news agency PTI, Parag said, "At some point, you have to take me, right? So this is my belief, I will play for India. I don't really care when. Whether it's the next tour, whether it's a tour in six months, whether it's a tour in a year. I don't really think about when I should play. This is the job of the selector, this is the job of other people."

Ryan, who has been playing for RR since 2019, has had very poor total scores in the last five seasons. He scored 160, 86, 93, 183, 78 runs in the seasons played before IPL 2024 but this year was different for him, perhaps even the best year so far. He ended IPL 2024 as the highest scorer for the Royals.

Speaking further, he said, “I have had many seasons that were not good, but difficult at times and I think that having that constant belief in yourself, that you belong to this level, that you can do what you dream of, has always been there and will always be there. This year in the IPL, you saw how I play domestic cricket. I take responsibility on myself, I have expectations, I take the burden of performing on myself and that's why I play the best. I thought that's what I have to do this year. I also got a chance to play at my favorite position, number 4. I thought, okay, this is what I do in domestic cricket, this is what I am going to do in the IPL and let's see how it goes. It worked out perfectly."

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