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Saturday, May 11, 2024

Smartphone users should delete these apps immediately, otherwise the bank account will become empty.


In today's age of technology, almost everyone has a smartphone. So, how easy has people's life become with the advent of smartphones? A lot of work can be done with the apps installed in it. However, there are various types of news of hacking in Android. If you are a little careless, your bank account may become empty.

Yes, such updates keep coming regarding cyber security, recently a dangerous malware Xamalicious has been detected. Which gives access to the device to an attacker. That means there are many such apps which get installed in the smartphone. Your important personal banking related information can be stolen and your bank account can be emptied.

The company that detected this dangerous malware says that it can not only spy on the device. Rather, it can also give remote access to the device to the attacker by stealing information from the banking app installed in the phone, that is, this new malware can carry out hacking without changing the settings.

Let us tell you that companies keep issuing such updates regarding cyber security. So there are many such apps available on the Play Store. Which Google flags them and removes them from the Play Store. But Google cannot delete any app installed in the smartphone from the phone. In such a situation, you will have to uninstall it yourself.

Delete these apps from your phone immediately

We have brought here such information which has been found to be malware. If this app is installed on your phone, then delete it from the phone without wasting time.

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