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Monday, May 6, 2024

Skin care tips: Air pollution is taking away the glow from the face, everything from pimples to acne can be cured like this.


Skin care tips: Every time the weather changes, the amount of air pollution also increases. This poison spread in the air has a serious effect on our lungs as well as the entire body, while our skin is also not able to escape from it. Due to exposure to pollution, many types of diseases are seen on the skin. Apart from damaging the skin, it also gives rise to many major diseases which are very important to be cured in time. In such a situation, along with its effects on the skin, we are also going to tell you about the measures to protect and correct it.

This is how air pollution damages the skin.

Here let us tell you that air pollution occurs due to increase in the amount of harmful chemicals in the air. Apart from hollowing our body from inside, it also damages it from outside. When this pollution hits our skin, a layer of it gets spread everywhere which blocks the skin pores from inside. Staying in a dusty and polluted environment for a long time leads to engine problems like pimples, dryness, allergy, acne etc. Let us know what we can do to avoid this –

go out less

The effect of pollution at home is always less than outside. In such a situation, one should try to avoid going out as much as possible. If it is necessary to go out, then one should go out of the house only after taking care of the skin.

cover your mouth

To protect against pollution, it is important to protect the skin from coming in contact with it. For this, the poison should be removed only by covering the mouth with a mask or a clean cloth. Partners can use glasses and sunglasses to protect their eyes.

use moisturizer

Skin can get damaged and dry due to pollution. To avoid this, moisturizer should be used on the skin so that there is always a good layer between the pollution and the face.

Night routine is important

It is important to follow a night care routine to remove the day's accumulated dirt from the skin. For this, first of all you can wash your face with your favorite face wash. You can also apply scrub and face mask twice a week for deep clean, after this complete your night care routine by applying night cream or moisturizer. This should be followed to help the screen from damage caused by pollution.

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