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Sunday, May 12, 2024

Sindoor Side Effects: You will know the value of a pinch of vermillion in minutes, prepare it at home like this

Herbal Sindoor: Sindoor has great importance for married women. After marriage, women apply vermillion on their forehead. But chemical vermillion can also cause skin infection. In such a situation, let us tell you how to make herbal vermillion at home.

Sindoor Side Effects: The ritual of filling the mang is the most important in the wedding rituals. Married women have been decorating their mang with a pinch of vermillion for centuries. Not only this, Bollywood films have also told us the value of a pinch of vermillion many times. But along with this, do you know that this pinch of vermillion has become the biggest reason for hair fall in women. The bright red color of vermilion definitely enhances the beauty of the face, but along with this, the chemicals present in it can also give you many types of skin infections.

The scarlet color of vermilion is also a symbol of women's power. In big cities, women buy vermillion from the market and apply it using many harmful chemicals. With the changing times, even the sacred vermillion is now adulterated. Due to these chemicals, many women have to face problems like hair fall, skin allergy, scalp infection after applying vermilion. Despite so much adulteration and harm, women still apply vermillion daily, in such a situation let us know what are the benefits of applying vermillion.

Benefits of applying vermilion

In today's modern times, not every woman applies vermillion. She applies vermillion only on some special occasion, puja or with ethnic outfits. Most of the women avoid applying vermillion due to the problem of hair fall. But even today there are some women who make demands for their husbands every day. Let us know what are the benefits of applying vermilion.

1.Applying vermillion daily helps in controlling blood pressure and also keeps the mind calm.

2.It is said that applying vermillion improves blood circulation.

3.The metal used in making vermilion reduces the marks of wrinkles on the face.

How to make herbal vermillion?

Harmful chemicals are used to prepare the red vermillion available in the market. Instead of this, you can also make vermillion at home with the help of natural things. You can use beetroot for this. Yes, you can use beetroot not only for food and skin care but also for making vermillion. For this, clean and wash the beetroot thoroughly and then peel it. Now grate it. Leave it to dry in the fan air for 3 to 4 days. When it dries well, grind it in a mixer and prepare its fine powder. Now add a few drops of rosemary oil to this mixture. Now you can store this prepared vermillion in a box. The color of this vermilion will not be red but light pink. You can apply this chemical free vermillion daily without any fear.

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