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Monday, May 13, 2024

Shiv Puran: Why did Narad ji have to ask for his form from Lord Vishnu?

Shiv Puran: Devarshi Narad was a great ascetic and knowledgeable sage. According to the Puranas, Narad ji was born from the throat of Brahma ji. He is one of the mental sons of Lord Brahma. But do you know why Narad ji had to ask for his form from Lord Vishnu. Let us know.

Shiv Puran: Devrishi Narad Muni is considered to be a great devotee of Lord Vishnu. With the blessing of Shri Narayana, Narada Muni could roam in all the three worlds including Vaikuntha without any hindrance. He is also considered the world's first journalist. But once Narad ji had to ask for his form from Lord Vishnu. It has been completely described in the third chapter of the first section of Shri Rudra Samhita of Shiv Purana.

Narad ji preached penance

According to Shiv Purana, Narad ji performed penance in a cave in the Himalayan Mountains, which was successful by the grace of Lord Shiva, after which Narad ji became proud of the success of his penance and victory over Kamadeva. Despite Lord Shiva's refusal, Narad ji started telling the gods about his penance and victory over Kamadeva.

Lord Vishnu created Maya

When Narad ji was telling Lord Vishnu the story of his successful penance and victory over Kamadeva. Then, with the wish of Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu created a wonderful illusion. He built a beautiful city in the direction where Narad ji was going. That city was more beautiful than Vaikuntha Lok. There were many picnic spots there. The name of the king of that city was Sheelanidhi. That king had a very beautiful daughter.

The king had organized a swayamvara for his daughter. Many princes had come there eager to marry his daughter. Narad ji's mind became fascinated as soon as he saw the beauty of this bustling city. When King Shilnidhi saw Narad ji coming, he paid him respects and worshiped him by sitting on the golden throne. Then he called his divinely beautiful daughter who prostrated herself at the feet of Maharishi.

While introducing the girl to Narad ji, the king said, Maharishi! This is my daughter Smt. Its swayamvar has been organised. Please tell the merits and demerits of this girl. Hearing such words of the king, Narad ji said - King! Your daughter is Lakshmi in reality. Her future husband will be as glorious as Lord Shiva, conqueror of three worlds, brave and conqueror of Kamadeva too. Saying this, Narada Muni left from there.

Narad ji had to ask for form

Due to the influence of Lord Shiva's illusion on Narad ji, he started thinking how to get the princess? Why would she choose me over the handsome and brave kings who had come to the Swayamvar? Then Narad ji thought that women love beauty very much. She can choose me based on my beauty. Thinking this, Narad ji went to Lord Vishnu and told him about the swayamvara of King Shilnidhi's daughter. Narad ji expressed his desire to marry the king's daughter and started praying to Lord Vishnu to grant him his beautiful form.

So that you leave aside all the princes who came to Shrimati Swayamvar and choose him as your groom. Hearing Narad ji's words, Vishnu ji laughed and said that Narad ji, you must go there, I will support you. Saying this, Lord Vishnu gave Narad ji the face of a monkey and the remaining body parts as his beautiful form. Then Narad ji, being extremely happy and considering himself extremely beautiful, quickly came to the Swayamvar and sat in the Rajya Sabha.

Narad ji cursed

Narad ji, unaware of Lord Vishnu's illusion, reached Swayamvar and started waiting for Shrimati happily. When the wife reached Swayamvara with the garland, she did not see any suitable groom there, then Lord Vishnu arrived there wearing the attire of a king. Seeing him, the wife put a garland around his neck and Vishnu ji immediately went to his world, taking the princess with him.

Narad ji got disturbed after seeing all this. Then the Rudragans present there told Narad ji to first see his monkey-like face. You are unnecessarily attracted by lust and want to get the princess by the power of beauty. Narad ji became angry after seeing his monkey like face and cursed both the Rudragans and said that you have made fun of a Brahmin. Therefore, even after being born in a Brahmin family, you will become a demon.

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