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Thursday, May 16, 2024

'She is pretending to avoid going to jail...' Ex-husband Adil Khan breaks silence on Rakhi Sawant's illness


Adil Khan Durrani On Rakhi Sawant:  Rakhi Sawant, who is known as the drama queen of Bollywood, is admitted in the hospital these days and her condition is very bad. While Rakhi Sawant's fans are praying for her recovery, some people are calling it a publicity stunt. Recently, Rakhi Sawant's husband Ritesh had told that the actress is unwell and has been diagnosed with a tumor in her uterus. Rakhi Sawant is not doing drama but she is actually ill. Now, Rakhi Sawant's ex-husband Adil Khan Durrani has also broken his silence on her illness.

Adil Khan made a big claim

Rakhi Sawant's ex-husband Adil Khan Durrani broke his silence on her health and said, "I saw the news in which it was said that Rakhi Sawant has a heart disease. Her so-called husband (Riteish) said that doctors say that there is still a possibility of cancer. But a year ago, when I was in a relationship with Rakhi, I had got all the tests done on her and had also done a surgery on her, then she was absolutely fine. There was no such problem. The court date is coming near, if someone is doing a publicity stunt then… the court knows, there can be nothing more disgusting than that every single person is watching you. If you are really ill then I pray from the bottom of my heart that you get well soon. In Surendra's date, I am weighing more on my fingers than on the calendar. When will it be 4 weeks? Then the hospital comes up with some new trick, some publicity stunt comes or you have actually become ill. I don't know. I will wait for the results from the doctor.”

Has Rakhi got cancer?

Rakhi Sawant's ex-husband Ritesh Kumar, while giving a health update, has said that Rakhi is not doing drama. Preparations for his angiography are underway. Regarding the heart attack, he said that only after the reports come, it will be possible to know what happened to him. He claimed that after doing some tests, the doctors found a tumor in his uterus. He suspects Rakhi of having cancer. However, no report has come out yet.

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