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Friday, May 17, 2024

Shahrukh's heroine Mahira Khan was publicly misbehaved, someone threw the item on the stage, VIDEO goes viral


Mahira Khan: The beauty of Pakistani actress Mahira Khan, who was Shahrukh Khan's heroine, is widely discussed not only in the neighboring countries but also in India. Mahira Khan has also appeared in many Bollywood films. The actress has also done a film with Shahrukh Khan, which increased her popularity manifold in the country. Some time ago the actress was in the news about her second marriage. But now recently news is coming about the actress that she has been misbehaved with her.

Misbehavior with Mahira Khan

Mahira Khan of Pakistan is a beautiful actress of the industry. Although there are many actresses in Pakistan, along with Mahira Khan's acting, fans also like her beauty. Mahira Khan has presented the image of Pakistan in front of the world in a brilliant manner. But today the news of misbehavior with this actress has come to light. Actually, the actress had attended the Pakistan Literature Festival in Kaita, Pakistan. The actress was talking with the anchor on the stage. During this time, she was speaking a lot to the audience but suddenly someone threw something at the actress. But surprisingly, Mahira did not get angry at all and she continued her conversation.

Mahira Khan reacted like this

Mahira Khan asked fans about some dialogues. Mahira said that she will show some dialogues to the fans. But once again someone from the crowd started throwing something at Mahira. Even after this Mahira did not get angry and kept smiling. Mahira said that now she will not say dialogues because people are throwing things at her.

Video of misbehavior with Mahira Khan went viral

Let us tell you that fans are losing their hearts on this simplicity and way of talking of Mahira Khan. It is also written in the caption of the viral video on Instagram that when life throws something at you, you should also throw your love gracefully as Mahira did. Really, this behavior of hers is amazing, after seeing which everyone is surprised and everyone is not tired of praising Mahira.

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