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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Proposed the girl publicly, then what happened that the boy said - I will not marry you

A very shocking incident happened in a matchmaking event in China. A boy openly proposed to a girl, but the next moment something happened that she refused to marry him. The video of this incident has also gone viral. However, there is a twist in this matter, and read this news to know what it is.

Everyone was stunned to see what happened at a matchmaking event in East China. In this, a boy liked the girl at first sight. He even proposed for marriage in front of the packed stage. But the next moment something happened that the boy became adamant that he could not marry. However, the matter after this is even more shocking.

This strange incident happened at 'Aunty Wang's' matchmaking event in Bozhou, Anhui province. In this, young men and women stand on a stage and tell about themselves publicly. Then the wedding date of the new couple is decided. But there was an uproar at the event on May 2 when the host started insisting the young man to say 'yes' to marriage with a three-month-old unmarried girl. A video of this has also gone viral, seeing which people were stunned.

According to the South China Morning Post, the girl herself had decided to reveal her pregnancy. He admitted to the audience that recently he had made a big mistake, which is now a part of his past. The girl said, 'I am three months pregnant.' On hearing this the young man was shaken and refused to marry.

But the way the host put pressure on the young man was shocking. The host asked the young man, 'Why did you refuse?' If you can accept a divorced woman without children, then why not a woman who is three months pregnant?' However, it is not known whether the young man had earlier said that he had no objection to a divorced woman.

After this there was an uproar in the event. Now the girl's family also screamed and told the young man, 'You are a man, and a man should be responsible first. One should adopt the duties of a father. Irrespective of whose child it is, isn't this the responsibility of every man?

After watching the viral video of the ruckus at the event, internet users have severely criticized the host of the event. One user commented, 'It seems the host has gone mad. The man who is at fault, shouldn't he take responsibility for the child?' At the same time, another user has written, what kind of joke is this. Is there any compulsion? This is her life, she should live it the way she wants. Another user says, if someone likes a woman, then he should take responsibility for her well-being. At the same time, some people have also found it scripted.

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