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Friday, May 31, 2024

Prasad In Temple: Those temples of India where you get very tasty Prasad

Prasad In Temple: In the temples of India, the offerings made to God along with faith in them have great importance, but there are some temples in India in which not only faith but also the taste of the Prasad attracts the devotees.

Prasad In Temple: In our country, along with faith in God, there is also a deep attachment to the Prasad of Bhog. There are some temples in the country where hundreds of kilograms of food are served every day. There is a tradition of serving 56 Bhogs in some temples and that Prasad is also distributed among the devotees. The Prasad of these temples is so delicious that people here become crazy about the Prasad along with devotion to God.

Jagannath Temple Puri, Mahaprasad

The Jagannath temple in Odisha is considered one of the four Dhams in Hinduism. The Mahaprasad offered to Lord Jagannath here is called 56 bhogs. This Mahaprasad is prepared by collecting 56 types of food items in earthen pots on wood. A thousand cooks work hard every day to prepare this Mahaprasad. It is said that receiving this Mahaprasad is a matter of great fortune. It is believed that this Mahaprasad is considered so divine that no matter how many people come, this prasad never falls short. This Mahaprasad is as divine as it is tasty to eat.

Tirumala Tirupati Temple Prasadam

Tirumala Temple, one of the oldest temples in India, is considered to be one of the richest temples in the country. Along with this, this temple is also famous for its laddus which are offered as prasad. In the kitchen of this temple, a variety of South Indian food is prepared for lakhs of people every day. The kitchen of the temple is run by solar energy where about 1100 cooks prepare food every day and distribute it as prasad.

Panchamrit of Murugan Temple, Coimbatore

The Arulmighu Dandayudhapani Swamy Temple is located in Palani, about 150 km southeast of Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu. It is the only Hindu temple in India where the prasadam has been given a Geographical Indication tag. The prasadam is made from bananas, cow ghee, jaggery, honey and cardamom and sometimes dates and sugar are also added to it.

Shirdi Sai Baba Temple Prasadalaya, Shirdi

About 2000 kg of lentils and rice along with other vegetables are prepared daily in the huge kitchen next to the Shirdi Sai Baba temple. This is not only the richest pilgrimage site in India but is also famous for its delicious Prasad Laddu and Rasoi Prasad. About 1100 cooks work in this kitchen. The kitchen located here is Asia's largest solar powered kitchen.

Langar of Golden Temple, Amritsar

Every day, so much 'kada prasad', rice, dal, roti and vegetables are prepared in the 'langar' of the Golden Temple of Amritsar that you cannot eat them even in a whole year if you want. The 'langar' cooked in their kitchen with full devotion provides peace and satisfaction to your stomach as well as your soul.

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