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Monday, May 27, 2024

Powerful tornado wreaked havoc in many states of America, 11 people died


Powerful tornadoes have caused major damage in the US states of Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas. At least 11 people, including two children, have died due to the tornado, while many people have been injured. Due to the storm, thousands of homes and commercial establishments lost power.

The tornado also damaged a truck parking lot where dozens of people had taken shelter. Emergency service teams rushed to the most severely affected areas to help people after bad weather continued throughout the region overnight.

Many people were also injured due to the tornado

Officials said several people were injured due to the tornado. In Texas, the sheriff of Cook County said that two children aged 2 and 5 years were also among the seven people killed. Due to the tornado, there has been a power outage in Texas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas and Arkansas since morning. About 4 lakh people remained without electricity in these states.

The weather department had already issued a tornado warning for the Great Plains region of America. The threat of storm still persists in many places. However, the danger in Texas has now reduced, but the death toll may increase as the condition of many of the injured is said to be critical.

Tornado caused havoc in April too

Earlier in the month of April, a powerful tornado had hit America. At that time too, large scale damage was seen in many American states. Traffic was also affected due to the tornado and many people were reported to be injured. Many houses were also damaged due to the tornado. The houses collapsed like a pack of cards.

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