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Thursday, May 16, 2024

Palmistry: These lines on the hand indicate bad luck, one has to face troubles in life.


Unlucky Signs In Hand: According to palmistry, many events happening in a person's future can be known. Similarly, many lines on the hands indicate one's good fortune, while some lines also become the cause of misfortune. In such a situation, if a person knows which palm marks can be inauspicious for him according to palmistry, then he can avoid many troubles and problems. Let us know in detail about these inauspicious hand marks.

island mark on palm

According to palmistry, if a person has the mark of an island on a mountain in his palm then it is quite inauspicious. In fact, it has an adverse effect on the mountain which marks the island. Suppose this mark is on Guru Parvat, then his honor and respect can be harmed. Apart from this, he may also face problems in his job.

horizontal lines on the palm

According to palmistry, if there is a horizontal line on the ring finger then it is inauspicious for the person. This indicates bad luck. Apart from this, it also reduces the prestige in the society.

black spot mark on palm

If there is such a mark on the palm then it is not at all auspicious. This indicates bad luck. Not only this, problems keep coming in a person's life all the time.

having a mole mark on the fate line

If there is any such mark then it is an inauspicious sign. Such people have to face many problems in their life. Not only this, financial crunch keeps troubling them all the time in their life. 

(Disclaimer: The information given here is based on general beliefs and information. does not confirm this.)

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