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Wednesday, May 1, 2024

OUT or NOT OUT? There was an uproar over the run out of Ayush Badoni! Fans angry at third umpire


Ayush Badoni Run out Controversy:  In the Indian Premier League 2024  (IPL 2024),   a match was played between Mumbai Indians and Lucknow Super Giants on Tuesday (April 30), which was won  by  LSG  by 4  runs  in the last over. Won by wicket and won. Meanwhile, an incident happened on the field which left all the cricket fans shocked. Actually, during the batting of Lucknow, the third umpire had given run out to Ayush Badoni, on which there is an uproar now.

Bat inside the crease yet umpire gave run out

This incident happened in the 19th over of the innings of Lucknow Super Giants. Ayush Badoni was batting after scoring 5 runs and he ran to steal two runs by hitting a shot towards deep point on the very first ball of Hardik Pandya. Here Naman Dhir made a wonderful throw from the boundary which fell into the hands of wicketkeeper Ishan Kishan.

Ishan Kishan had an easy chance to run out Ayush Badoni, but he could not do so in the first attempt. Ayush Badoni tried to escape by diving, but meanwhile, Ishan Kishan corrected his mistake and blew the stumps in the second attempt.

However, at first glance, after seeing the video of this incident, it seemed that Badoni was not out. But here the ground umpire sought the help of the third umpire, after which he declared the batsman run out after watching the video several times from different angles. Let us tell you that in this video it was clearly visible that Ayush Badoni's bat had reached inside the crease, but despite this the third umpire took this decision. The third umpire believed that when Ishan Kishan blew the stumps, no part of Badoni's bat was touching inside the crease.

The entire camp of Lucknow Super Giants was shocked to see the umpire's decision and they also questioned the umpire's decision. Not only this, even the commentators called the third umpire's decision disappointing. Former Indian team cricketer Irfan Pathan has also condemned the umpire's decision.

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