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Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Once upon a time in CID all the doors were broken with one kick of kindness, today the actor is forced to live a worse life.


Daya: Sony TV's show CID has been one of the most talked about shows for a long time and even today its crime stories and characters full of thrill and suspense are loved among the people. Although all the characters of CID remain in discussion, but especially the name of Inspector Daya remains in discussion among the people. In fact, in CID, whenever ACP Pradyuman and his team got stuck somewhere due to the door being closed, he used to tell Daya to break the door, Daya. His line had made Daya famous in every household.

Daya was a sportsman before becoming an actor

Daya is famous for her fearless style and breaking doors. But very few people know that the real name of the actor who played the role of Daya in CID is Dayanand Shetty. Before becoming an actor, Daya used to be a sportsman. But once he suffered a serious injury due to which he had to leave the sport. Then in the year 1998, he got a chance to work in CID. Through this show he left a deep impression on the hearts of people. Dayanand Shetty not only became famous for the CID serial but along with this he has also worked in films like Diljale, Johnny Gaddaar, Runway and Singham Returns.

How many times did Daya break the door?

Once during an interview, Daya was asked a question about breaking the door, in response to which she said, I have not kept any record so that it can be known for sure how many times the door has been broken, but it has been registered by the Guinness Book of World Records. It should be in the Book of World Records because I have been breaking doors since 1998. After shooting such a sequence for the first time, people liked it. Other characters in the show have been breaking doors but people liked Daya breaking doors more.

Daya told why CID was closed

Talking to YouTuber Laksh Mahasweshari, Daya said that the show was closed due to internal politics. He said, we felt that at the pace and craze with which it was going on for 21 years, there was no need to stop it. There may be some internal politics or as I say, it is a matter of luck. We still feel that somewhere the show has been forcibly stopped. Well, now the fans are definitely surprised by this statement of Dayanand and want that the show should start with a new season soon.

Let us tell you that Daya has not been seen in the TV world since 2019 and if reports are to be believed, he has shifted from Mysore city of Karnataka and lives in Mumbai with his wife and daughter. Presently he is living a happy life with his family.

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