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Saturday, May 25, 2024

Oh my god! A woman went for a walk with her children, one mistake and she was fined Rs 73 lakh

Often, whenever we plan a trip, we should know everything about that place because any mistake can cost you dearly. A similar case has come to light from America these days. Everyone is surprised to know about it because here a woman was fined Rs 73 lakh due to a mistake.

Often, whenever we go somewhere to visit, we should know about the rules of that place well. Sometimes a small mistake becomes costly for us. You must have read and heard many stories about this. Where people have to pay a heavy price for small mistakes. One such story is being discussed among the people these days. Where a woman had to pay Rs 73 lakh for a similar mistake.

According to the news published in the English website New York Post, this incident is from California, America. Here a woman named Charlotte Russ went to visit Pismo Beach with her children. This place is also called the clam capital of the world. Clam is a type of lobster, whose shape is exactly like oysters. They look very attractive and Charlotte's children started keeping them with them as soon as they saw them.

Why was such a heavy fine imposed?

The children picked up a total of 72 clams from there. Now the innocent ones did not know about this. As soon as they started returning, the fisheries department people caught them. After this, they were immediately given a receipt for the fine. Actually this fine was imposed because they did not know that picking up clams from here is a crime. Only those people can pick up this creature who have fishing licenses.

However, when Charlotte was returning with her children, she kept the receipt of the fine with her, but when she received an email regarding this, she was stunned. The Fisheries Department had fined her $88,993 i.e. about Rs 73 lakh. Seeing this, she understood that her entire trip was going to be ruined. However, when I realized that now I was not going to get relief from this fine, I went to the court and apologized there. And then the court reduced the fine to $500. Despite this, the woman had to pay a fine of Rs 41619.

There is a rule for fishermen here that they can only pick up 10 Pismo clams in a day. Such a heavy penalty rule was made because the aim of the fisheries department is to grow them to 4.5 inches, so that they can lay eggs and produce offspring every year

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