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Friday, May 31, 2024

Not Scorpio-Thar but this car is the most bought car in India, know 5 reasons why it is the best

Best Cars in India: In today's time, you will get to see more and more powerful cars in the Indian market. At the same time, buying a car has also become a trend these days. Due to this, a bumper jump has been seen in the purchase of cars in the last few years. But has this question ever come to your mind that which is the car that people in India like the most (Best Cars in India) or which car do most people buy in India, if such questions also come to your mind, then let us answer it for you.

Wagon R is the best car in India

India's largest car manufacturer Maruti Suzuki has a wide range of cars ranging from small cars to premium level. This company offers its customers a great car at every price range (Best Cars in India). And this is also the reason that this company sells the most cars in India. Although the company has no shortage of models, but if the statistics are to be believed, then the Wagon-R of this company is the best selling car in India (Best Cars in India).

However, this car has flopped badly in the Global NCAP crash test, and it has got only one star rating in adult safety while it has got zero star rating in child safety. But still this car remains the first choice of the people of India (Best selling car). However, this car also has some such features due to which people ignore its shortcomings and show their trust in it.

economical car engine

Customers get the option of two engines in this car. It has a 1.0 liter petrol engine and along with this, there is also a 1.2 liter engine option. Along with this, it also has ABS, rear parking sensor as well as speed alert system for safety, along with this, customers also get the option of CNG in it (Best Cars in India) Talking about mileage, it gives an economical mileage of 25.19 km/l on petrol mode and 33.47 km/kg on CNG mode.

Easy to drive

It is believed that Wagon-R (Best Cars in India) is easier to drive than other cars. You can easily travel in the cities around you with it. Even if you want to drive this car on the highway, this car can easily run at a speed of 80 to 100kmph.

Extra Space  

The first choice of Indian people is those cars in which more luggage can be carried. Maruti Wagon-R fulfills this need of the people, in fact, this car has the most space compared to other cars in this price range. 5 people can easily sit in this car (Best Cars in India). There is no problem of space for legroom and headroom. Along with this, you also get 341 liters of boot space in the car, where you can keep a lot of luggage without any worry.

Large service network

People in India also like to buy Wagon-R (Best Cars in India) because Maruti has the largest service network compared to other companies. Recently the company has opened its 5,000th service touchpoint. Along with this, the biggest advantage of buying this car is that you can easily get its spare parts in the market.

Trusted by millions of people

Maruti first launched Wagon-R in the year 1999 and since then this car (Best Cars in India) is liked a lot by the people of India. This car (Best Cars in India) has more than 30 lakh customers all over India. People trust this brand and this car a lot, due to which people buy this car the most in India.

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