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Friday, May 31, 2024

Not only Shimla Manali, explore these cool places for holidays too

Best Summer Travel Destination:
If you are looking for a travel destination to celebrate holidays in summer, then this article can be useful for you. Here we are telling you about some such tourist spots which you can explore in summer.

To get rid of the increasing heat, most people prefer to spend holidays in cold places. In such a situation, almost everyone wants to go to places like Shimla, Manali. Actually, these places are very close to Delhi, due to which it does not take much time to reach here, that is why most tourists like to visit these places. Obviously, if you work in an office, then you will not get much leave, so if you want to enjoy a trip along with saving your time, then definitely explore these cold places.

Shimla, Manali is a popular tourist spot in North India but apart from this there are some other places which are famous for their cold climate. Let us know which cold places you can explore apart from Shimla, Manali.

1. Munnar, Kerala

Munnar is a beautiful hill station which is no less beautiful than any other hill station. Munnar is a beautiful tourist destination situated between three rivers. Along with the beautiful views, you can also do many adventure activities here. The temperature here often remains between 19 to 35 degrees Celsius, which is why it is very much liked by tourists in summer.

2. Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh

Tawang is famous for its natural scenery, the temperature here remains between 05 to 22 degrees Celsius. Situated at an altitude of 3500 meters, this is a beautiful city which is famous for its captivating mountains and calm lakes. The Buddhist monasteries here are also very famous, yak rides, beautiful hotels built on the banks of mountains and rivers will captivate you at first sight.

3. Coorg, Karnataka

Coorg is a very beautiful hill station which is also called the Scotland of India. During summers, the temperature here goes up to 35 degrees Celsius. Here you can also explore the most beautiful and popular waterfalls of South India. Apart from this, tourist places like Madikeri Fort, Tadiandamol Peak and Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary are also centers of attraction.

4. Theog, Himachal Pradesh

Theog is a great place to spend a holiday with family, the cool breeze and beautiful mountains make this place very attractive. Not only this, Theog is also famous for its five ghats which include Prem Ghat, Rahi Ghat, Deori Ghat, Bagh Ghat and Jano Ghat. During summers, the temperature here remains between 15 to 29 degrees Celsius.

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