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Saturday, May 18, 2024

New feature in Google Drive, now you can easily see the preview of files, know how it will work


Google Drive: Google is bringing a new feature for its web version called Hovercard Preview. This new update has been made to make your work easier. Now you can see the preview of files directly in list view. Earlier, to view a file, one had to open it or right-click to see a small preview. Now, when you mouse over any file icon, a handy hovercard will appear. In this card, you will see a small preview of the file, the name of the file and other information like the file type and who last modified the file.

what did the company say 

The company wrote in its blog post that "Today we are introducing File Hovercard in Google Drive so that you can get work done faster and view files without opening multiple tabs. Now when you view a file in Google Drive on the web, When you mouse over the file icon, a hovercard will appear. In this card you will get a thumbnail preview of the file and other important details, like the file type, whose file it is, who recently changed the file and when."

The feature will be useful for users 

This hovercard is especially useful for images and presentations, where a quick preview is more useful than opening the entire file. Although this may not be as useful for text documents, information such as owner and modification date can still help in selecting the correct file.

When will users get this feature? 

The HoverCard Preview feature eliminates unnecessary steps for users, allowing you to quickly view files and find the one you need. This may be a small change, but it can greatly improve your productivity and the way you work, especially for those who manage a lot of files. This hovercard preview feature is currently coming to the web version of Google Drive. Users will start getting it in the coming few weeks. 

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