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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Mukesh Khanna was furious over making 'Shaktimaan', now Ranveer Singh himself reached out to convince him?

There has been a discussion going on for a long time regarding the casting of Ranveer Singh in 'Shaktimaan'. After this news, Mukesh Khanna gave his reaction by sharing a YouTube video. Mukesh Khanna did not want Ranveer to play this character. He had also shared some posts on social media objecting to this, on which there was a reaction from the makers.

Mukesh Khanna's 'Shaktimaan' was released in the year 1997. This TV show got a lot of love from the audience. Some time ago news came that a movie was going to be made on this. There was talk of casting Ranveer Singh in it. After this, Mukesh Khanna shared a YouTube video and raised objection on his casting. Talking about the reason for this, he had said that he has a special image among the audience, due to which he does not fit in the role of 'Shaktiman'. Now Ranveer Singh has reached Mukesh Khanna's office. It is being told that Ranveer has come to convince Mukesh Khanna.

Ranveer Singh's name has been in the news for 'Shaktimaan' for a long time. Meanwhile, on the news of Ranveer reaching Mukesh Khanna's office, it is now being speculated that he had gone to talk to him about 'Shaktimaan'. It can be said that Ranveer did not want to upset Mukesh Khanna, perhaps that is why he went to his office to talk to him.

What did Mukesh Khanna say about Ranveer?

Keeping in mind the character of 'Shaktimaan', Mukesh Khanna had said a lot about Ranveer Singh on social media. All these posts are missing from the internet. About two years ago, Sony Pictures had talked about making a film on 'Shaktimaan'. According to reports, Rs 200-300 crores were to be spent in making it.

After this news, lead actor of TV show 'Shaktimaan' Mukesh Khanna had raised objection. According to him, Ranveer does not fit in this role. Mukesh Khanna had also mentioned Ranveer's nude photoshoot while calling him unfit. He even told Ranveer that he should work in some other country and not here. In response to this, the makers also reacted. While replying to Mukesh Khanna, he had said that he does not have any rights regarding this show. He only played the lead role in it, so he cannot take any decision regarding the actor of the movie.

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