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Monday, May 13, 2024

Millionaire man collects house rent from his own wife, lives richly himself, doesn't even ask his wife

Every woman wishes that her husband fulfills all her dreams, fulfills her small and big hobbies. However, this is not in everyone's destiny. These days the story of a woman has come to light. People are very surprised to know about this because the woman told that her husband is a millionaire but despite this he collects rent from her.

Every person dreams that he becomes a great man after getting educated and lives his life as best as possible and gets married well so that he and his wife can experience every pleasure of life. You must have read and heard many stories where rich husbands make a lot of demands from their wives and they fulfill them, but these days one such woman is in the news. Whose husband is a millionaire but the woman is not getting any kind of happiness from him.

The woman wrote about her husband on social media that her husband does not fulfill any of her wishes but on the contrary takes rent from her to live in the house. Apart from this, he does not even pay the bills for her small things. The woman has informed about this strange behavior happening with her on the social media platform Reddit. In her post she wrote that her husband is a millionaire, but there is no use in having so much money.

Owner worth crores collects rent from wife

On the account named OrigamiTorbie, the woman wrote that even though my husband is a millionaire today, I have to bear my small expenses myself and for this I have to work like ordinary people. The woman further told that she has been married for 6 years and her husband is enjoying his retirement by staying at home because he has got a lot of money after retirement. He fulfills all his hobbies leaving his wife.

In her post, the woman further said that during the pandemic, when I was working from home, I came to know about my husband's wealth. He wakes up late in the morning and goes to play golf. Comes back and cooks delicious food and watches TV the whole day. In the evening he enjoys with his friends. The woman's story went viral as soon as it came on the internet and most of the people said that this is not your husband but your landlord.

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