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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

MG will launch new Astor, will get many safety features including sunroof


MG New Car: The company has revealed the MG Astor Facelift. Some pictures of this new car have been released. Which gives information about the design of this new compact SUV. The company has introduced this SUV in a completely new look. It is completely different from the model available in the market. Many changes have also been made in its interior. Let us tell you that MG Astor Facelift is now ready to come in the market with a new look and advanced features.

Design of MG Astor Facelift

The company has made the front of MG Astor Facelift a little wider. New wheels have also been installed in it. In this new compact SUV of the company, you get a sleek set of headlamps. Which is paired with a glossy black upper grille. In this, instead of placing the MG logo in the middle of the grill, the company has placed it on the top. The company has made its surface smoother. Its new wheels are improving its looks a lot. Although its side view is the same as before.

MG Astor Facelift Interior

You will get to see a completely new interior in the company's new compact SUV MG Astor Facelift. The company has completely changed the interior except its steering wheel. In this, you get to see a new touchscreen in addition to the digital instrument cluster. Now you are going to get a bigger touch screen than before. The company has also installed a new set of controls in its center console.

Details of features of MG Astor Facelift

You will get electric handbrake in the new MG Astor Facelift. At the same time, the company is also going to provide ADAS in it for additional safety. This SUV has a premium panoramic sunroof feature. Apart from this, 360-degree camera feature has also been provided in it. Which makes it very easy to drive and park.

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