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Saturday, May 18, 2024

Keeping the flowers found in the temple at these places will bring blessings and blessings of Goddess Lakshmi.


How to offer prayers to Maa Lakshmi: When you go to a temple to have darshan of God, many times flowers are given as Prasad. These flowers are always offered at the feet of God so that God's blessings remain upon you also. When you place these flowers on your forehead and keep them in a clean place in the house, it has many positive effects. When these flowers dry up, people throw them with the garbage. By doing this, negative powers enter the house and all the work done starts getting spoiled. In today's article, we are going to tell you what should be done with these flowers received as Prasad from the temple.

Keep flowers at these places

You will get financial benefits by keeping it in the safe ( How to pray to Goddess Lakshmi )

According to astrology, all the devotees who keep the flowers found in the temple as Prasad in the safe of their house, remain blessed by Goddess Lakshmi. These flowers should be dried thoroughly, wrapped in a clean cloth or paper and kept in a safe. Flowers are considered a symbol of auspicious sign and when it is received as Prasad then its importance increases further.

immerse in holy water

If you are not able to take home the flowers found in the temple as Prasad, then immerse these flowers in holy water. Prasad is not insulted by doing this. When you float these flowers in water, this method is known as 'Pushpanjali'. Offering flowers is considered an auspicious act and doing so brings positivity in life.

Make compost from flowers

You can also make compost from the flowers found as Prasad in the temple. Keep these flowers in a pot and add soil on top and your compost will be ready in a few days. By doing this, the blessings of Lord Shani remain upon the devotees and all their work gets done.

put under the trees

Keep the flowers received as Prasad under a big tree like banyan or peepal. Do not keep these flowers under trees where there is dirt. When you keep these flowers found in the temple under big trees, then you get the blessings of God.

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