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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Justin Langer won hearts, had dinner at the house of a fellow Mumbai slum dweller


 Lucknow Supergiants (LSG) head coach Justin Langer is in the news after the end of IPL 2024. Langer has done something for which he is being praised a lot. He has revealed that he visited the slums of Mumbai during the team's last match in the Indian Premier League. Langer was invited to dinner at his home by his teammate, after which Langer went to his house and now he has written about his experience.

Langer revealed in a column in The Nightly that he visited the home of LSG massage therapist Rajesh Chandrashekhar (RC). In his column, Langer expressed his respect for Chandrashekhar and his family and said that he was amazed at how much love the family showed him despite not being in a good financial position. Narrating the massage therapist's story, Langer said that Chandrashekhar is a hardworking person.

Langer wrote in his column, "RC told me that he lived in the slums of Mumbai and had also worked as a masseur for the local football (soccer) team. From there, one thing led to another and that's how we crossed paths. During our dinner, RC translated our conversation and his family smiled, laughed and made us feel very welcome. Their pride in having us in their home was evident. All six of them were clean and neatly dressed and when it was time to take photos, RC's parents hugged us and made us feel the same love we feel with our own family."

Justin Langer summed up the learnings from his short trip, saying, “Having lived a life of what I would now define as extreme luxury, I was overwhelmed by a never-before-seen experience of how other human beings live their daily lives. What struck me about our visit to RC’s home was that although he had nothing, he had everything he needed to be truly happy. Family and friends – call me simple – but these are pretty much the measure of happiness, regardless of all the other things.”

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