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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Just like Natasha Stankovic, this actress has had physical relations before marriage, the cricketer left her alone after making her pregnant


Natasa Stankovic- These days the news of divorce of Hardik Pandya and actress Natasa Stankovic is spreading everywhere. The silence maintained by both of them on this matter is also adding fuel to the fire. At the same time, let us tell you that if these two get divorced, then this will not be the first time when a cricketer will cheat an actress. In fact, famous Bollywood actress Neena Gupta has also been a victim of the betrayal of the great player Sir Vivian Richards.

This is how Nina and Richards' love story started

Just like Natasa Stankovic fell in love with cricketer Hardik Pandya, in the same way, Neena Gupta, who was the pride of Bollywood at one time, also fell in love with the great West Indies player of that era, Sir Vivian Richards. Talking about her love story, the actress told in an interview that she was very interested in cricket since childhood and she was a fan of Richards' batting, although according to the actress, they met for the first time during the shooting of the film 'Partition'. After that, they met at a party in Jaipur, during which both of them talked a lot and both became very good friends. After that, the series of meetings increased and the friendship between the two turned into love in no time.

Nina and Richards lived in a live-in relationship

Actually, the story of Nina and Natasha (Natasa Stankovic) seems to be similar to each other to some extent because Natasha (Natasa Stankovic) also got pregnant before marrying Hardik, while Nina was also going to become the mother of Richards' child before marriage. It is said that like Hardik and Natasha (Natasa Stankovic), Nina and Richards used to live in a live-in relationship at that time. However, this was the time when living in a live-in was not a common thing. But as they say, love blinds. Something similar happened with Nina. Without caring about the society, Nina and Richards started living in a live-in relationship and during this time Nina also got pregnant. However, Nina was shocked when Richards refused to marry. Actually Richards was already married and divorced but he had two children. At the same time, Nina's family was against this relationship, so when there was no chance of marriage, Nina gave birth to her daughter without marriage, and gave her her own surname.

Masaba is the daughter of Nina and Richards 

The name of the girl whom Neena raised without a father is Masaba. Today Masaba Gupta is a well-known fashion designer and also an actress. Let us tell you that Neena Gupta married Vivek Mehra in 2008 but Masaba considers Richards as her father. Recently Vivian also came to India for Masaba's wedding and blessed his daughter. In one of her books, Neena tells about her relationship with Richards and says that even though they could not get married, it was Vivian who advised her to give birth to a child.

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