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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Iron, brass or steel.. which vessel is more beneficial for cooking food?

Nowadays, different types of utensils are available in the market for cooking, but the question is which vessel should you cook food in so that its taste remains intact and there is no reduction in nutrition. Let us know what experts say.

Whenever we talk about the nutritional value of food, we often talk about vegetables and the spices used in them. But somewhere it is important to keep in mind which thing we are cooking in which vessel. As important as it is to wash vegetables properly, it is equally important to choose the right utensil for cooking. Many times, knowingly or unknowingly or in a hurry, we do not pay attention to this and cook food in whatever vessel is visible in front of us, but sometimes this habit of ours can be detrimental to our health.

We should take special care of what we are eating and in which vessel we are cooking it. If we cook food in wrong utensils, it directly affects our health. Nowadays, people use utensils made of such metals to give a fancy look to the kitchen, due to which the nutritional value of the food not only reduces but it also becomes equivalent to poison for us. In the market you will find utensils made of many metals like iron, steel, brass, but let us know about which of these utensils is more beneficial for cooking.

brass pot

The base of brass utensils is very heavy and usually only traditional dishes are cooked in these utensils. Many people like to cook non-veg things in brass utensils. But brass utensils can react with salt and acidic things at high temperatures. Therefore, one should avoid making these things in brass utensils. You can use brass utensils for frying or cooking rice.

Disadvantages of cooking in iron utensils

There are some food items which already contain a lot of iron. If you cook these things in iron utensils, it not only spoils the taste and colour of the food but can also cause excess iron in the body. This can make you a victim of many serious diseases. Therefore, avoid cooking certain things in iron utensils.

steel utensils

In most of the people's homes, only steel utensils are used for cooking. In the market also you will see mostly steel utensils. This is because cooking food in steel utensils is not harmful. You can cook food in it as well as store it. These utensils do not harm you in any way. Therefore, we should use steel utensils as much as possible for cooking.

We have talked to Dr. Kiran Gupta to get the correct information about which metal utensils we should use for cooking. Dr. Kiran has been serving in Yoga and Naturopathy for the last 12 years. Let us know what is Dr. Kiran's opinion about metals.

What do experts say?

1. Dr. Kiran says that if you already have any liver related problem then do not cook food in iron utensils even by mistake. This may increase your problem even further. Cooking food in iron utensils can lead to excess iron and magnesium in the food. Due to this you may have to face many other diseases. Apart from this, if you cook sour things in an iron vessel, it can spoil the vegetables.

2. There are no disadvantages of cooking in steel utensils but the only drawback is that if your utensils are thin then the food can burn quickly.

3. Do not cook any gravy or sour vegetables like curd or items containing a lot of tomatoes in brass utensils. While buying brass utensils, keep in mind that there should be a light layer of silver on them, this will not reduce the nutritional value of the food.

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