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Friday, May 17, 2024

In summer, the car becomes a furnace, but with this solution the car will cool down in a few minutes.


Cool Cars in Summer: It is extremely hot in almost all the states of the country. Most of this is happening to those who go out and work. This heat is such that one cannot live without it in the car.

But when you park somewhere and go, your car turns into a furnace due to sunlight. Now you have a solution using which you can cool your car in just a few minutes.

This feature is of air recirculation. You will find this feature in almost all cars. Using this button the car cabin can be cooled rapidly.

Air recirculation will cool the cabin quickly

This feature is used in summer when the outside air becomes very hot. In such a situation, the car faces difficulty in cooling the hot outside air. In such a situation, you cannot cool the cabin quickly even by using the blower. Now it is reducing slowly and even the blower is not able to do the work. In such a situation, recirculation comes in handy.

This is how air recirculation works

One of the cars draws hot air from outside, cools it and sends it inside Arvind. But due to very hot air it takes time to do so. In such a situation, the process of recirculation allows the car to draw air from the cabin, cool it and send it back to the cabin. By doing this, cold air keeps circulating around you and the cabin gets cooled quickly.

Use of Air Recirculation is dangerous!

Every driver should keep this in mind that the recirculation feature should not be used for too long. When the air inside the cabin keeps circulating again and again, then in such a situation the quality of the air deteriorates and the amount of moisture in it can also increase.

Due to this your health may deteriorate. Therefore, we turn off the reservation feature as soon as the cabin cools down. Even in winter, you can use air circulation to remove grime from windows.

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