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Saturday, May 4, 2024

If you are going to Dalhousie in summer, then visiting these places will be memorable.

Nestled in the lap of nature in Himachal Pradesh, the natural sights of Dalhousie are equivalent to reaching heaven for anyone. If you are planning to go to Dalhousie in summer, then know which places should be explored.

Everyone likes to spend moments of peace and tranquility amidst greenery. At the same time, visiting the mountains in summer also has its own unique pleasure, because away from the heat and humidity, the coolness that is felt in the lap of nature is not available even in an AC room. For now, let us talk about Dalhousie in Madhya Pradesh which is no less than heaven. Here you can not only enjoy the beautiful natural views, but also enjoy adventure activities like rock climbing, paragliding. There are many places in Dalhousie where visiting can make a lifetime memory for you.

In this summer season, if you are planning to go to a hill station or want to spend some time in the beautiful valleys of Dalhousie, away from the heat, crowd and stressful life, then do not forget to visit some places here.

There are beautiful views of nature in Panchpula.

If you are going to Dalhousie because you want to spend some time peacefully with yourself, then definitely visit Panchpula. The natural beauty here will not only fascinate you but there is a lot of peace here.

Visit Chamunda Devi Temple for spiritual experience

If you have gone on a trip somewhere and there is a spiritual place there, you get even more peace. In Dalhousie you can visit Chamunda Devi Temple dedicated to Mother Kali. The views around here are also very beautiful. According to the information, one can visit this temple from 5 in the morning to 10 in the night.

Visiting Satdhara Waterfall will be memorable

If you are going to Dalhousie then visit Satdhara Waterfall also. Here, the view of dense greenery all around, pine trees and milky white flowing waterfalls is very picturesque. Traveling here will be a great experience for you.

Must explore this small town

Khajjiar is a small town situated near Dalhousie, the vast grasslands and lakes here will make your day. Here you can do activities like horse riding, paragliding and zorbing. Due to the natural beauty of this place, it is also called Mini Switzerland of India.

If you are a nature and animal lover then go to Kalatop Wild Sanctuary.

If you are going to Dalhousie, then add Kalatop Wild Sanctuary to your bucket list. Here, along with huge dense cedar trees, you will get to see green grasslands and many wild animals. Which will add adventure to your trip. This beautiful place is present in Chamba district of Himachal.

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