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Thursday, May 9, 2024

If these planets get angry then happiness and peace is snatched away, one has to face severe problems.


Grah Remedies:  According to astrology, there are nine planets. Of these, there are seven planets and two shadow planets, Rahu and Ketu, which, despite not being planets, have been given the title of planets in astrology. Not all planets are always good, sometimes bad planets also have a bad effect on your life. Today we will talk about which planet's bad influence always brings problems in a person's life. Let us learn about the angry planet in today's article.

Mars being angry

In astrology, Mars is considered to be the commander of the planets and when he gets angry, a person gets more angry. There is redness in the eyes. During this time they quarrel over small matters.

Mercury getting angry

The displeasure of Mercury, known as the prince of planets, can confuse people. They also face problems like stammering or stammering during conversation. Due to influence of Mercury, relations with family and especially with sister are not good.

moon angry

Among the planets, Moon is considered to be the factor of mind. Due to his anger, despair and sadness increases in the mind, fear keeps haunting him all the time and he starts crying on small things. Mental confusion increases even more on the full moon and new moon days of each month.

anger of the king of planets

Sun is considered the king of the planets. If the Sun is angry in a person's horoscope, the radiance disappears from his face. His heartbeat starts increasing. They do not get the happiness of father and mother.

Shani Dev getting angry

Due to the anger of Shanidev, who is known as the god of justice, a person faces huge losses in employment. The entire employment system remains weak. Respect is lost and discord persists.

Venus getting angry

Demon Guru Shukracharya is the symbol of planet Venus. They do not get good results despite hard work. Their success comes very late. Despite having resources for happiness, they are not able to enjoy them.

(Disclaimer: The information provided here is based on general beliefs and information. Newztezz Online does not confirm this.)

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