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Thursday, May 23, 2024

If makeup does not last on oily skin then keep these things in mind

People with oily skin often face problems in choosing makeup products. Not only this, due to the release of extra oil from the skin, its look gets spoiled after some time. In such a situation, you can do makeup with the tips mentioned here.

Nowadays you will find different types of makeup products in the market. Whereas in earlier times only a few selected makeup products were available. But nowadays different products are available in the market according to every skin type. If you apply makeup according to your skin type, then your look does not deteriorate for a long time. Talking about makeup, people with oily skin face the most problems. No make-up is able to set properly on their face.

People with oily skin often have this question as to which makeup they should apply which is perfect for their skin. You should always keep some things in mind while buying makeup products. Especially you should buy makeup according to your skin tone and type. Apart from this, if your skin is oily then you should also pay special attention to your skin care routine. People with oily skin must follow a better skin care routine before applying makeup. Here we are telling you some such tips with the help of which you will be able to do makeup easily despite having oily skin.

How to prepare oily skin for makeup?

If your skin is oily then you can follow the tips mentioned here before applying makeup.

1. Clean your face

Gel based face wash is considered best for people with oily skin. Before applying makeup, clean your face with a mild face wash. This will remove the extra oil from your face and your skin will also feel light.

2. Tone the skin

Instead of cleaning your face with just face wash, you can do deep cleaning. For this, after washing your face, clean your face with toner. You can use rose water for facial toning. There is no better toner than rose water for any skin type.

3. Massage with ice

After cleaning your face with rose water, you can use ice. For this, take water in a vessel, add ice cubes to it and keep your face immersed in this water for at least 2 to 3 minutes.

4.Apply moisturizer

You can use water based moisturizer on oily skin. There is no greasiness in these and they also blend well into the skin. With this, there will be no excess oil on the face after applying makeup.

5. Massage your face

Before applying makeup, massage your face with light hands. This will increase the blood flow of the face and the skin will feel relaxed. After this, applying makeup will make the face glow naturally.

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