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Thursday, May 30, 2024

High-tech thieves behind call drops… Telecom companies are surprised and consumers are upset

According to telecom companies, theft of cables and batteries from towers is a common occurrence, but now thieves have gone hi-tech and are targeting radio receivers. In a few months, 15 thousand receivers of Airtel, about 1700 of Jio and more than 350 receivers of Vodafone Idea have gone missing.

Call drop is a problem for mobile users which almost everyone must have faced. But they do not know that thieves are behind this. Yes, high-tech thieves who steal mobile tower equipment have stolen more than 17 thousand radio receivers from telecom towers spread across the country in the last few months. Due to this, the mobile network of telecom customers disappeared on a large scale and the contact between two people connected to the mobile suddenly broke, i.e. call drop happened.

Thieves disrupted the network of these telecom companies

A total of more than 17,000 radio receivers of telecom companies have been stolen. Out of these, 15,000 radio receivers of Bharti Airtel, 1748 of Reliance Jio and 368 of Vodafone Idea have been stolen.

Most thefts happened here

Most of the radio receiver thefts have been seen in Rajasthan, Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh, followed by Delhi and Punjab. In the last two months, 2,000 units have been stolen in Uttar Pradesh alone. 570 radios have been stolen in Noida, 390 in Ghaziabad and more than 310 in Uttar Pradesh. Ghaziabad police has also caught a gang.

Stolen receivers being sent to China and Bangladesh

According to the telecom company, these are being sent as junk to countries like China and Bangladesh. Where they are reset and reused. The cost of one unit is 3 to 5 lakh rupees. This means that telecom companies are directly facing a loss of up to 500-700 crores.

Telecom companies demanded action

Telecom companies have written a letter to the Department of Telecommunications and have demanded prompt action in this matter with the police officers of all states. They have also asked the Centre to raise this issue in the broadband committee of the states so that theft can be stopped immediately. Telecom companies have received assurance from the government to curb theft.

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