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Friday, May 31, 2024

He did a dangerous stunt by keeping a naked wire in his mouth, this video will shock you

Viral Video: Nowadays people are so obsessed with going viral that they are ready to risk their lives to become famous. Although every day some video or the other gets viral on social media, but these days a video of a young man's dangerous feat is becoming viral very fast on the internet. In which, to get a few likes and views, the young man put his life at risk by putting a live electric wire in his mouth and started doing such an act that has shocked people.

Viral Video

If you are also a social media user, then you must have seen some videos every day, after watching which you must have laughed out loud, and sometimes you must have even praised an influencer. But in between all this, you must have seen a video that must have made you bite your fingers. Recently, a video has come into discussions, after watching which people have been very shocked. Obviously, it will be surprising to see a person taking a naked wire on his mouth.

What is in the video?

Let us tell you that in the video which has gained momentum on social media these days, a person puts live electric wires in his mouth. After which another person checks him with a tester whether there is electricity in his body or not. As soon as the tester touches his body, the light lights up. The surprising thing is that the person stands very comfortably, as if these wires are not causing any harm to him. If the person had made a mistake in this dangerous stunt, he could have lost his life. Watch the video…

life is precious

This viral video has been shared on Instagram from an account named Raju Mala. Thousands of people have seen it so far and have also given their reactions in the comment box. After watching the video, a user wrote, 'You will die like this someday.' Another user wrote, 'Don't do this bro, it can completely ruin your life.' While the third user wrote, 'Just take out your slippers and see, if you don't dance in the whole house, then tell me.' While the fourth user said, 'Life is hard to get, don't joke like this.'

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