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Saturday, May 11, 2024

Hair Fall: Do not make these 3 mistakes with your hair in summer, hair fall will start.

Summer Hair Care:
Due to strong sunlight and UV rays in the summer season, hair related problems are more common. Due to this, most people suffer from hair fall, breakage and dryness. Let us know how to take care of hair in summer.

Summer Hair Damage: Everyone wants their hair to be long and thick. Anyway, due to heat and bad lifestyle, the problems of hair fall and hair damage are increasing. To enhance the beauty of hair, people follow different types of remedies. Let us tell you that due to pollution, mistakes related to hair care, lack of nutrition in food and hormonal changes, hair becomes lifeless.

There is a need to take special care of hair during the summer season. In this season, the UV rays of the sun can damage the hair further. Sweating is also a reason due to which people complain of hair fall. To take care of hair, we have to change some daily habits. Let us know about them…

Not covering head

Going out in strong sunlight can prove dangerous not only for the skin but also for the hair. Due to this the hair becomes dry. Some people do not cover their heads in summer, which has a bad effect on their hair when they go out. Sun rays destroy the protein of hair, due to which hair gets damaged.

rRegular shampooing

Due to heat, there is excessive sweating and bacteria start appearing in the scalp. To avoid this, people wash their hair with shampoo repeatedly. But shampooing daily can be harmful for hair. Excessive shampooing causes hair damage and scalp becomes dry. Therefore use shampoo only twice a week.

No oiling

To avoid excessive sweating in summer, people do not apply oil to their hair. But due to not applying oil, hair does not get proper nutrition. Due to this, hair and scalp start becoming dry. Apply oil at least 2 to 3 times a week.

Apart from this, some people like to keep their hair open. But most of the dust and dirt accumulates in open hair. Due to this also the hair becomes more dry and lifeless.

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