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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Govinda's film which ruined his career 21 years ago, he still regrets it


 Govinda: You may have seen many stars in Bollywood today, but during the 80s and 90s, Govinda was the only star in the Hindi film industry. It is said that in those days, there used to be a queue of film producers outside star Govinda's house. At that time everyone wanted to see only Govinda in their film. Govinda was actually rich in art, Govinda had given more hit films in that period than today's stars could do in their entire career. But do you know why the light of this shining star of Bollywood has diminished these days? What was the reason due to which Govinda's career went down?

'Raja Bhaiya' sank Govinda's career

Govinda entered the film industry in the year 1986 with the film 'Love 86' and after working in this superhit film, he had a line of films. It is said that there was a time when Govinda used to shoot 4 to 5 films in a single day. Due to his tremendous acting and his bubbly comedy, Govinda was so popular that people used to buy tickets for his films in advance. But after the year 2000, it seemed as if someone had noticed his career.

In the year 2003, Govinda had chosen a film in which his career went down so much that till date he has not been able to come up. Actually, we are talking about the 2003 film 'Raja Bhaiya'. People did not like the story of this film at all and the film flopped badly. Although this was not Govinda 's first flop film, still this film had a very bad impact on his career.

'Raja Bhaiya' was a super duper flop

The film 'Raja Bhaiya', written by Imtiaz Patel and directed by Raman Kumar, was released in 2003. People had a lot of expectations from this film. There were expectations because, firstly, this film had stars Govinda and Aarti Chhabria and secondly, this film was also promoted a lot. But when the film came on screen, neither Govinda 's face nor the promotion could do any magic because people did not like the story of the film at all. This film bombed at the box office and this film of super duper hit hero Govinda became a super duper flop. According to Box Office India, Rs 4.75 crore was spent in making this film. But the film could earn only Rs 2.58 crore worldwide, due to which the makers had to suffer a huge loss.

Govinda is rarely seen on the big screen

After this film, the sun of Govinda 's career set in such a way that it could never rise again, although Govinda had started establishing his foothold in politics after this film. After being in Congress for many years, nowadays he is with Eknath Sinde faction of Shiv Sena. Talking about films, Govinda rarely does films now. In 2019, he was last seen in Pahlaj Nihalani's film 'Rangeela Raja'. But he reaches out to his fans by becoming a judge or guest in many reality shows.

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