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Friday, May 24, 2024

Government warns, Google Chrome may lead to data theft, do this

Warning for Google Chrome Users:  If you use Google Chrome, then this news is of use to you. Actually, CERT-In i.e. Indian Computer Emergency Response Team has issued a big warning regarding Google Chrome. In this latest Vulnerability Note CIVN-2024-0170, the Cyber ​​Security Research Team has pointed out many flaws. Giving information about this, it has been said that hackers can take advantage of these shortcomings, as well as the data of those using Google Chrome can also be stolen.

Warning for Google Chrome Users

Let us tell you that the response team has found these flaws in heap buffer overflow in Angle and Dawn. Such vulnerability occurs when a program appears to be more active in an allocated area of ​​memory. This can lead to the program crashing or hackers can easily control your browser by injecting code into it.

The team also found flaws in scheduling

Along with this, the team has also found flaws in Scheduling. This happens when a program frees up a part of the memory and tries to use it later. This can cause the program of users using Google Chrome to crash or allow hackers to take unexpected code. According to CERT-in, if a hacker uses these flaws, he can take complete control of the user's system. This includes stealing data, installing malware or attacking another computer. CERT-In has seen these flaws on Chrome running on version 125.0.6422.76/.77 for Windows and Mac and Chrome versions before 125.0.6422.76 for Linux.

CERT-In gave this advice

To avoid this, CERT-In has advised Google Chrome users to update Chrome. Along with this, Google has also released a patch to remove these flaws. Also, the version 125.0.6422.76/.77 for Windows and Mac and 125.0.6422.76 for Linux has been fixed, so it is necessary to update Google Chrome.

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