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Thursday, May 2, 2024

Give Rs 50 crore or ground the plane, SpiceJet gets ultimatum

SpiceJet, a company providing cheap air travel services, has now got the last chance from the Delhi High Court. In one case, the company has been ordered to pay Rs 50 crore, otherwise the company will have to ground its airplanes. Know what is the whole matter

SpiceJet, the company that provides cheap air travel, has now received an ultimatum. Delhi High Court has ordered the company to pay Rs 50 crore to the company that rented its engines or ground its planes at an airport.

This matter is related to 'Team France' and 'Sunbird France', the company that leases engines for its planes to SpiceJet. Both these companies say that SpiceJet has defaulted in payment. While hearing this case, Delhi High Court has given an ultimatum to the company.

What did the court say in its order?

Justice Pratibha Singh has asked SpiceJet's lawyer to give an update in this regard by Friday. The company should either pay Rs 50 crore to the companies that rented the engines to it or these engines should be returned to both the companies. Currently, the two planes in which these engines are installed are already standing on the ground. If their engines are returned, these aircraft will remain permanently grounded.

SpiceJet owes a total of Rs 90 crore to these companies. Of these, SpiceJet has paid about Rs 40 crore. The company had paid this amount after the December order.

No hope of relief from court

SpiceJet is not expecting any relief this time. Delhi High Court says that the company has behaved like this before also. Airlines have defaulted in paying user charges to these companies. However, the court accepted the claim made by SpiceJet's lawyer that the company intends to repay the money.

The company also said that in such a situation, if any contrary order is passed, then grounding the planes will not benefit anyone.

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