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Saturday, May 4, 2024

Ferrato Disruptor: 129 kilometers in just 25 paise, price as much as a 150cc bike


Friends, if you are looking for an electric bike which is strong in looks, fast in speed and also runs at low cost, then there is good news for you, yes friends, well-known electric vehicle manufacturing company Okaya has created a stir in the market. Ferrato Disruptor has been launched. This high-speed electric sports bike not only looks great but its range and features are also amazing. Come, today let us know in detail about this cool bike.

strong performance

The Ferrato Disruptor has been designed in the look of a sports bike. This bike looks quite attractive with full fairing. Once fully charged, this bike gives you a good range of up to 129 kilometers. That means you can use this bike for everything from city riding to short outings.

The company has used a powerful 4kWh battery in this bike, which does not take much time to get fully charged. This bike is not behind in terms of speed also. This electric bike can give you a top speed of 95 kilometers per hour. Friends, if we talk about the price, the price of this cool bike has been kept at Rs 1.40 lakh.

But the biggest thing is that riding this bike will be easy on your pocket too. The cost of full charging once is only 25 paise. That means you can travel up to 129 kilometers in just 25 paise. Accordingly, this bike will cost you only 25 paise to travel one kilometer. Let us tell you, this expense is much less than any petrol bike or scooter.

great features 

In the Ferrato Disruptor you get three riding modes – Eco, City and Sports. You can choose these modes as per your need. The battery installed in this bike can work comfortably even in 270 degree temperature. This battery comes with IP-67 rating which ensures its strength and long lasting capability. The company is also giving a comprehensive warranty of 3 years or 30,000 kilometers on this bike.

If we talk about other features, then in this bike you get full digital instrument cluster, LED headlight, LED taillight, alloy wheels and dual disc brakes. Besides, this bike also has the feature of Bluetooth and smartphone connectivity.

bike booking 

If you want to buy this powerful electric bike then you can book now. However, you will get its delivery only after 90 days. So what are you waiting for, hurry up and book the Ferrari Disruptor to enjoy electric mobility.

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