Don't worry! This Chhotu AC is a great relief in this scorching heat, see its price and features. - Newztezz Online


Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Don't worry! This Chhotu AC is a great relief in this scorching heat, see its price and features.


Portable Air Conditioners. In this age of technology, people's work has become so easy. Due to which you can easily enjoy the huge expenses in less money. As you know the entire country is suffering from the heat of summer. Due to which people are facing a lot of problems.

There are many such appliances which provide relief from the heat. But due to their high price, people are not able to make a budget. We are going to tell you about some such small types of such appliances. You will be surprised to know about whose price. It does so much cooling that it gives you a lot of relief from the heat.

Actually, we are going to talk about some small size ACs which you can take anywhere. These can be run on working charge. As you are currently going through extreme heat, this can definitely give you relief from the heat.

Evapolar evaCHILL Portable Air Conditioners

  • This small AC consumes less power.
  • This Portable Air Conditioner can be used anywhere in home, car, camping, office.
  • The air throw of this device is quite powerful and can provide you relief from heat.
  •  Its design is quite unique and it is provided with USB connectivity.
  • Evapolar evaCHILL portable air conditioner is priced at ₹ 17931.

Portable Air Conditioners

If you need a portable AC, then this can be a useful device, which has a 5200 mAh rechargeable battery, which can provide comfortable cooling for 5 to 10 hours in a single charge. It has 3 speed controls. Designed with a multifunction design, this AC works quietly. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. The price of Portable 5200mAh Mini Air Conditioner is ₹ 8389.

If your budget is a little higher, then Liusoreg Portable Air Conditioner is useful, which can be purchased for ₹ 16281. Talking about its features, its tank is of 900ml and it has been given 3 cool mist and speed. In which you can add ice water or ice so that you will get cool air. It has been provided with 7 night lights which illuminate the room.

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