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Saturday, May 18, 2024

Do not keep these things in the puja room even by mistake, you will regret it for the rest of your life.


Puja Ghar: Every house has a separate place for worship and every person worships according to his faith and belief. To ensure that there is no delay while worshiping and that the worship materials can be found quickly, a person keeps things like God's make-up items, offering utensils, incense sticks, Prasad etc. at the place of worship. But due to lack of information, many people keep those things in the puja room which are prohibited in the scriptures. Keeping prohibited items at the place of worship increases the level of negative energy in the house. Fights and conflicts start happening among the family members. No one wants to keep these things, but due to lack of information, such things are kept in the temple of the house. Through this article, let us know what to keep and what not to keep at the place of worship.

These things should not be kept in the puja room 

There should not be more than one idol or picture of the same God in the place of worship or in the house. Pictures of ancestors should not be kept in the home temple. Also, it is not good to keep the idols of Bhairav, Shanidev and Kali Mata in the house. It is advisable to keep the idol of Goddess Lakshmi in a sitting blessing posture. Apart from this, broken idols or pictures should not be in the puja room. If you have such an idol, then immerse it in a nearby temple or in Ganga Ji. 

Many people install the idol of Ganpati outside the house, whereas they should never do this. In many houses, for the sake of decoration, a statue is placed above the main door, which is wrong. Ganapati is the remover of obstacles and auspicious, he is not the watchman of your house, so do not make this mistake. If intact rice is required for worship, then only whole rice should be kept, do not keep broken rice. Establish only as many idols of God as you can serve regularly.

Keep these things in the puja room 

- During the puja, a lamp is kept for Aarti and an incense stick is kept for fragrance. Indian tradition is associated with clay, hence it is best to keep lamps and incense sticks made of clay. In the absence of kerosene lamp, metal lamp can also be used. 

- There must be a Swastika in the puja room, it is a symbol of auspiciousness. The Swastika symbol is also considered the symbol of Ganapati. 

The third important thing to be kept in the home temple is Kalash. Along with keeping the Kalash, also make a Swastika on it with rolled Kumkum so that it becomes an auspicious Kalash. 

Keeping a conch in the house and making sound from it every day is also very auspicious. Garuda bell should also be kept along with the conch and should be rung during the aarti. The sound of conch and bell removes negativity and ushers in positivity. 

- Ganga water must be kept in a pure vessel. By doing this, there is always prosperity in the house and one attains wealth. Also, there must be water for Aasan and Aachman at the place of worship.

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