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Monday, May 6, 2024

Did this actor suffer a heart attack because of the Covid vaccine? made a big claim himself


Shreyas Talpade Heart Attack:  Bollywood's famous Shreyas Talpade had a heart attack in 2023. Shreyas Talpade's condition had become very serious, however after treatment he is now fine. Shreyas Talpade had a heart attack on 14 December 2023, after which doctors had to perform angioplasty. Now meanwhile, while talking about heart attack, the actor has made a very shocking claim. Shreyas Talpade told that the reason for heart attack could be a side effect of the Covid vaccine.

Shreyas Talpade made a shocking claim

While talking about his heart attack, Shreyas Talpade said that he cannot say that people are facing health related problems after taking the vaccine. I don't smoke, I'm not a regular drinker, I drink maybe once or twice a month, and I don't smoke tobacco either. Yes, my cholesterol was slightly increased which became normal due to the treatment I was taking. I did not have any diabetes, nor any blood pressure problem, then what could be the reason for a heart attack? I cannot accept the theory that I started feeling some fatigue only after Covid-19. There is definitely something in this matter and the reason why we cannot know it may be the Covid vaccine because we do not really know what we have taken inside our body.

'They don't have any evidence'

Further Shreyas Talpade said that, he wants to know what the vaccine has done to us. He is not sure whether it is Covid-19 or the vaccine because he has no evidence. That is why it is useless to make any statement. Let us tell you that on December 14 last year, Shreyas suffered a heart attack after complaining of uneasiness after the shooting of his film Welcome to the Jungle.

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