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Thursday, May 30, 2024

Delhi's heat becomes fatal, one person died due to heat stroke, how to protect yourself?

There is severe heat in many areas of the country. The temperature is rising in the capital Delhi as well. A person has died in Delhi due to the intense heat. This person was admitted to RML Hospital in Delhi. The person died due to heat stroke.

Heatstroke and death: Many areas of the country are facing severe heat. From Rajasthan to UP and Delhi-NCR, the mercury is above 45 degrees. The heat is being seen in Delhi. The intense heat in Delhi is now becoming fatal. A person has died due to heat in the capital. This 40-year-old man from Bihar worked in a pipeline company. On Tuesday night, he suddenly got high fever and fell unconscious. The person's neighbors admitted him to the hospital in critical condition. Where the patient died on Wednesday evening during treatment.

A 40-year-old patient from Bihar was admitted to RML Hospital in Delhi. According to doctors, the patient lived in a room without a fan. He suddenly developed high fever at night. Doctors said that when the patient was brought to the hospital, his condition was critical. The patient was immediately admitted to the stroke unit. On Wednesday afternoon, his health suddenly started deteriorating. During this time, he was given treatment. But the effect of the stroke had spread to the entire body. In such a situation, the patient's life could not be saved and he died. His body temperature had exceeded 107 degrees.

patients being admitted to hospital

A heat stroke unit has been set up in RML Hospital. People who fall ill due to heat are admitted here. Currently, 2 patients are admitted in this unit and both have fallen ill due to extreme heat. Apart from RML, patients suffering from heat stroke are being admitted every day in Safdarjung and AIIMS. In such a situation, doctors have advised people to protect themselves from extreme heat.

What are the symptoms of heat stroke

Dr. Ajay Kumar, a senior physician in Delhi, says that if you are not sweating, your heart beat is suddenly increasing and you are feeling dizzy, then these could be symptoms of heat stroke. In this situation, you should immediately go to the hospital.

How to avoid heatstroke

Don't go out during the afternoon

keep drinking water every two hours

If you have to go out, keep your head covered

Apart from water, also drink lemon juice and coconut water

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