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Saturday, May 4, 2024

Dark circles under the eyes, know what is the reason?


Dark Circle: Dark circle is a problem which if ignored can have a deep impact on the beauty of the face. Having dark spots under the eyes reduces the beauty of the face. Due to which you are often asked the question, 'Do you not sleep properly at night?' Most people associate dark circles with lack of sleep. It is natural that most of the people have the problem of dark circles only when they do not get enough sleep. But apart from this, there are many other reasons due to which dark circles may appear under your eyes.

Dark Circles

Dark Circles work to eclipse our beauty, to hide which we have to apply a lot of makeup on our face, but despite this, dark circles are visible. Today we will tell you that dark circles can occur due to many other reasons besides not getting enough sleep.

Why do dark circles occur?

Having dark circles definitely spoils the beauty of the face. Nowadays most of the people are struggling with this problem. Dark spots under the eyes can be caused due to many reasons including our lifestyle. Some people take too much stress due to which dark circles appear under their eyes. Apart from this, not getting enough sleep can also be the cause of dark circles.

deficiency of vitamins

The body desperately needs vitamins in abundance so that our health is not affected in any way. In such a situation, due to deficiency of Vitamin A, D, K and E in the body, the skin under the eyes often turns black. Therefore, take special care of your lifestyle. If you have got dark circles despite your lifestyle being right, then get it checked by a doctor immediately.


When the thyroid gland in the body is unable to release hormones properly, then thyroid problems occur. In such a situation, either the thyroid gland starts releasing more hormones or less, due to which sometimes the skin under the eyes starts turning black.


During summer, the scorching sun not only affects our face but also our body. Therefore, keep in mind that whenever you go out, do not go without sunscreen because if you go out in the sun for a long time without applying sunscreen or without sun protection, then you may have the problem of dark circles.

reduction of anemia

If there is iron deficiency in your body then the red blood cells in your body get reduced, which we also commonly call anemia. Due to anemia, oxygen does not reach many parts of the body and dark circles occur in the eyes.

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