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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Cucumber is best in skin care, use it in these 5 different ways


The heat wave continues as the mercury has crossed 45 degrees Celsius in most parts of India. Summer is considered a very bad season for the skin. Dark and dull skin spoils your look. Therefore, it is important to take extra care of the skin in summer. Instead of using market beauty products, you can maintain the glow on your skin through natural ingredients like cucumber. Health can be taken care of by eating cucumber raita, salad or other things, but it is also best in skin care. Cucumber has hydrating properties, that is why big companies are also making its products. Cosmetic companies are even making cucumber face wash, soap and cream.

Cucumber enhances the glow on the face and also maintains moisture in the skin. Actually, in summer, hydration starts disappearing from the skin rapidly, hence it is advisable to use things like cucumber. Let us tell you in what ways you can make summer skin care better by using cucumber.

Apply cucumber on the face like this. Cucumber home remedies for face

cucumber toner

Cucumber contains 95 percent water and you can keep your skin hydrated for a long time. Grate the cucumber and extract its juice and mix it in water. Store it in a glass spray bottle. Spray homemade cucumber toner on the skin before sleeping at night. By doing this daily you will be able to see the difference within 10 days.

Cucumber Cleanser

Deep cleaning of the skin can be done with cleanser made from cucumber. For this, grate the cucumber and add some honey and lemon juice to it. Apply it on the skin and rub it gently. After massage, leave it to dry and then wash the face with normal water. With this cleanser, the dirt present on the skin comes out and the skin becomes tight. You can take care of your skin with this cleanser daily.

Cucumber Scrub

Grate the cucumber and add rice flour to it. This is a natural homemade scrub and if used properly, its side effects are minimal. Apply this homemade scrub made of cucumber on the face once or twice a week and see the difference.

Cucumber face pack

You can also make a face pack by mixing turmeric, gram flour and aloe vera gel in cucumber. Natural and homemade face masks have many ingredients. Applying it gives a glow and keeps the skin moisturized. This summer, apply this unique cucumber face pack once or twice a week.

Cucumber mask

You will get cotton sheets to apply on your face from the market. Dip it in cucumber juice and then place it on the skin. If you want, you can also add rose water and aloe vera to cucumber juice. This method is best to maintain skin hydration in the summer season.

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