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Thursday, May 30, 2024

Chanakya Niti: Do not tell these secrets to anyone even by mistake, it creates obstacles in life!

To become a successful person in life, it is taught in the Chanakya Niti book that if a person adopts these things in his life, then he will never have to face any problem in life. If a person wants to avoid any big problem in life, then he should not share these things with anyone.

In today's time, people often share some important things with each other and later have to face many problems. If you want to become a successful person in life, then you should keep some secrets to yourself and not tell them to anyone else. Telling your secrets to others can bring troubles in your life. Acharya Chanakya has also said in his policy that there are some secrets that should not be told to anyone. Revealing these secrets can cause obstacles in life and can have bad consequences.

Don’t tell your problems to anyone

Do not tell anyone about your family problems, health problems or other personal troubles. This can make people take advantage of your weakness or make fun of you. Also, do not tell anyone about your income, expenses, savings and investments. This can make people jealous of you or try to take advantage of you.

Keep your plan a secret

According to Chanakya Niti, do not tell anyone your career plans, business ideas or personal goals. This can lead to people stealing your plans or harming you. Also, do not boast too much about your successes, happiness and achievements. This can make people jealous and have negative feelings towards you. It is important to remember that everyone has some secrets.

Do not share personal things

People should not give too much information about their love affairs, marriage or family relationships to anyone. This can lead to misunderstanding or people can create obstacles in your work. Share your problems and plans only with trustworthy and honest people. This statement of Chanakya Niti teaches us that maintaining confidentiality in personal life is the way to live a happy and successful life.

Don't tell anyone your feelings

The relationship of husband and wife is based on mutual trust and both share their feelings with each other and the things between them should never be revealed to a third person. By doing this, the marital bond weakens and along with causing tension in the family, you also harm yourself.

Don't tell this secret to anyone

Acharya Chanakya has said that a person should not share his real age with everyone. Just as some medicines and treatment methods are kept secret, similarly keeping the real age secret can also be beneficial in some cases. Apart from this, the importance of donation has been mentioned in mythological texts, but secret donation has been said to be the best. No one should know about secret donation. This affects the result of donation.

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