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Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Brisk walk for a few minutes, weight will reduce… you will get many benefits

Walking or jogging helps in managing weight. Apart from this, daily walking is also considered beneficial for health, but do you know what a brisk walk is and what benefits it provides to the body.

Brisk walk means neither walking very leisurely nor running, it is a posture between running and walking in which the walk has to be done by taking steps at a fast speed. If we look at timing, you can set a target of walking about 100 steps in a minute. However, this speed depends on the physical capacity of any person. By doing brisk walk for about 20 minutes daily, you can burn a lot of calories, hence brisk walk is considered very effective for weight loss. At the same time, it also has many other benefits for health.

By taking a brisk walk daily, you can not only stay fit by managing your weight, it also benefits the internal organs of your body. Brisk walk can be done for about 20 to 25 minutes daily, 5 days a week. Let us know its benefits.

The risk of diabetes is reduced

Increasing weight is a major cause of diabetes and by doing a brisk walk daily, you can control the increasing weight, because walking fast burns calories. In this way the risk of diabetes also reduces.

Heart and mind also get benefits

You can also keep your heart healthy by taking a brisk walk daily. Many researches say that walking reduces the risk of heart disease. During brisk walking, there is expansion and contraction in the arteries, this keeps the arteries healthy and improves the efficiency of the heart muscles and helps in controlling blood pressure. Apart from this, brisk walk also improves blood circulation and your brain also benefits.

Bone joints remain healthy

While doing a brisk walk, there is movement in the muscles of the entire body and especially the knee joints get a lot of exercise. This keeps the joints healthy and keeps you away from the problem of joint and back pain as you grow older.

Keep these things in mind while taking a brisk walk

If you are doing a brisk walk then wear good sports shoes during this time. Keep your body posture correct. While walking, do not stop suddenly and sit, instead gradually reduce the speed and then sit. Before walking, you can do a light warm-up for some time. If you have set a goal of doing a brisk walk in your daily routine, then maintain good eating habits also.

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