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Thursday, May 30, 2024

Be careful! Your phone may blast in extreme heat, pay special attention to these things


 Phone Blast:  An alert has been issued due to the scorching heat. The heat starts showing its effect from 7:00 am onwards. Special care should be taken of one's health in this scorching heat. This scorching heat affects not only humans but also gadgets a lot. Due to the scorching heat, the phone overheats and there is a high possibility of blast due to which you can become a victim of an accident. You should be very careful during this time. You must have heard many times that people's phones blast and people also get injured in it.

Pay special attention to these things

There are some things that should be kept in mind while using the phone in summer. Today we have brought some tips for you with the help of which you will be able to take good care of your phone.

Use the phone without cover

When it is very hot, you should never use the phone in a charger. Remove the charger from the phone and then use it. By doing this, if your phone overheats, it will also cool down quickly.

The battery should not be fully charged

Never charge your phone's battery fully in summers. Do not charge your phone 100% because sometimes the phone overheats while charging.

Do not keep the phone in extreme heat

Never keep your phone in extreme heat. If you are going to a sunny place, avoid taking your phone with you.

The phone should not be used while charging

Never use your phone while charging it during summers. Doing so heats up the handset rapidly. If you are using a phone, take special care of these things, otherwise incidents like phone blast may occur.

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