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Sunday, May 26, 2024

Bada Mangal 2024: The story of Bada Mangal is related to this city of Uttar Pradesh, know how it got this name

Bada Mangal in Lucknow:
There is a religious belief that worshipping Hanuman ji on Bada Mangal removes troubles. This is a Hindu festival but it is related to a special city and Nawab of UP, let's know how.

How did Bada Mangal start in Lucknow: In the scriptures, Tuesday is considered to be dedicated to Lord Hanuman and worshiping Hanuman ji on this day has a different significance, but all the Tuesdays falling in the month of Jyeshtha are called Bada Mangal and in these, Ram devotee Hanuman is especially worshipped. According to the beliefs of Hinduism, Hanuman ji met Lord Rama for the first time on Tuesday of Jyeshtha month. Since then, Tuesday of Jyeshtha month is known as Bada Mangal or Budhwa Mangal. On this special day, Bhaj-Kirtan takes place in temples, Bhandara is organized for the devotees, drinking water stalls are set up at various places. Bada Mangal is celebrated with great pomp in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. Let us know when and how Bada Mangal started being celebrated in Lucknow.

Why is Bada Mangal called Budhwa Mangal?

Worshiping Hanuman Ji in the month of Jyeshtha is considered extremely fruitful. According to religious texts, when Lord Rama met Hanuman Ji while wandering in the forest in search of Mother Sita, that day was Tuesday of Jyeshtha month, hence every Tuesday of Jyeshtha is celebrated as Bada Mangal. According to mythological belief, Hanuman Ji took the form of an old monkey to shatter the pride of Ravana. Also, on this day Bajrangbali is worshipped in the form of an old monkey, hence it is also called Budhwa Mangal.

The history of Bada Mangal is related to this city of UP (Bada Mangal History)

According to the scriptures, Budhwa Mangal is related to the Mahabharata and Ramayana period, but the story of Bada Mangal is also associated with Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh. Bada Mangal is celebrated with great pomp in this city. It is said that about 400 years ago, the son of Nawab Mohammad Ali Shah, the Mughal ruler of Awadh, fell ill, due to which his Begum was very sad.

This is how the tradition of celebrating Bada Mangal started (Bada Mangal significance)

When their son did not get well even after every possible effort, some people asked Nawab Mohammad Wajid Ali Shah's Begum to pray at the ancient Hanuman temple in Aliganj, Lucknow on Tuesday. She did as people told her and after a few days her son's health started improving.

In celebration of this, the Nawab of Awadh and his Begum got the old Hanuman temple of Aliganj repaired, which was completed in the month of Jyeshtha. After this, jaggery and prasad were distributed all over Lucknow. Since then, providing refreshments, organizing bhandaara and distributing prasad started in Lucknow on the day of Budhwa Mangal. It is said that since then, bhandaara is organized at various places on every Tuesday of the month of Jyeshtha every year.

When is Bada Mangal this year? (Bada Mangal 2024 Date)

The first Bada Mangal will be celebrated on 28 May in the third month of the Hindu calendar i.e. Jyeshtha month. This year in 2024, there will be four Bada Mangals. On Bada Mangal, the old form of Hanuman ji is worshipped. Bada Mangal is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

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