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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Aunt became a murderer to exorcise the ghosts, sacrificed 2 innocent people, the secret was revealed by a letter

In Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh, a woman sacrificed her own two nephews and killed them due to superstition. He did this on the advice of the Tantrik. The Tantrik had told the woman that she was possessed by a demon. To remove it he will have to make a sacrifice. Just what then. The woman sacrificed her own two nephews within a month. The police have arrested the murdered woman and her mother in the case. The Tantrik is currently absconding. Search for him is going on.

The incident is from Kailavada village of Khatauli area. On May 17, the body of a seven-year-old child was recovered from inside a house here. The police reached the spot, took the body in custody and sent it for post-mortem. The police also recovered some items of tantric rituals and a letter from near the body, on which was written - Now I have found peace... May the soul rest in peace. From here the police suspected that something was wrong. The investigation continued.

Earlier, on April 24, the body of the deceased's five-year-old brother was also recovered under suspicious circumstances from inside the house. At that time, the family members had performed the last rites of the deceased child thinking that the innocent child would die due to illness. When the police investigated the matter, it came to light that the children's aunt Ankita and her mother Reena had murdered the children on the instructions of a Tantrik. The police have arrested Ankita and Reena and are busy searching for the Tantrik.

Murder at the behest of a Tantrik

When the police strictly interrogated Ankita, she told them everything about the Tantrik. Told that his health was often bad. When he told his mother Reena about this, she took him to Tantrik Ram Gopal. On the advice of Tantrik Ramgopal, Ankita had first sacrificed her 5-year-old nephew by strangulating him with a chunni on 24th April, but to no avail, she again killed her other nephew Keshav by sacrificing him on 17th May on the advice of Tantrik. Did it. Police said that further action will be taken by presenting both the accused women in the court. The police team is engaged in search of the absconding Tantrik. He will be arrested soon.

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