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Thursday, May 16, 2024

Attention A fine of Rs 10,000 is being imposed on these drivers, get the necessary work done soon

If you are driving then keep important things in mind, because these days the traffic police is issuing challans to careless people. Due to this, drivers are facing problems. Therefore, it is important that you also move forward following the traffic rules, otherwise only trouble will arise on your head.

Traffic police in the capital Delhi is now issuing challans to drivers who do not have some important documents. In this, pollution under control is also being checked vigorously in Delhi due to which people are facing problems. So far, in four months, challans have been issued by the police to more than 1 lakh people. In case of not having PUC certificate, people are also facing a penalty of up to Rs 10,000.

The amount of penalty being decided by the police

People are being fined up to Rs 10,000 for not having PUC certificate. The police is determining the amount of the challan. If we talk about the cost of getting PUC certificate made, the total amount is Rs 100. Due to the greed of Rs 100, people are paying penalty up to Rs 10,000. If you are thinking of avoiding penalty then important things have to be kept in mind.

It is important that if you want to avoid penalty, you can easily get PUC certificate made, which will eliminate your confusion. With the help of PUC, you can know how much pollution your vehicle is causing. You drive a car in Delhi NCR. We are keeping a close watch on the vehicles causing high pollution.

PUC certificate is issued only when the vehicle is found within the prescribed limits during center checking. If your car pollutes, you are asked to get the car repaired or tuned.

Know what is the law regarding PUC certificate

It has been made very important for the vehicle to have PUC certificate. If you do not have PUC certificate or it has expired then the work of issuing challan is done under Section 190(2) of the Motor Vehicles Act 1988. There can be a fine of Rs 10,000 or 6 months jail or both. Not only this, the Transport Department also suspends the vehicle owner's license for 3 months in the absence of PUC certificate.

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